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INSTANTGRAM: i'm most active here!

TWEETER: i post my art and sometimes other silly things

TUMPLER: i tumbl things

TOY HOME: all of my characters, galleries, story stuff, and other related things are here!

SPACEHI: myspace revival!

LIFEBOOK: yet another dumb blog

RETROSPRING: ask me stuff, even ANONYMOUSLY.

DICK SWORD SERVER: hangout! chat! fun!

FART FIGHT: the annual art trading game! i will draw your dudes!

TRELL NO: this is supposed to remind me of what i owe people and what people owe me but of course i still forget to update it

PINCH YOUR REST: not really active, but sometimes i make inspiration boards for my characters here

TERMINAL SERVICE: document containing all you need to know about commissioning me.

CAR MISSION FORM: a google form to submit your commission order because it's easy.

PAIN HIP: my shop! currently just art bases.

cryptidcassette@gmail.com: my email, for if you need to contact me directly!